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    Pufuleti Gusto spread optimism around the world with their successful and inspiring story! Side effects of eating Pufuleti Gusto include increase in happiness and optimism!

  • Check out you favorite corn puff!

    Pufuleti Gusto are made out of pure love, maize flour, a drop of oil and a little bit of salt. The unique recipe provides them with a delicious taste. See for yourself.

  • World of GUSTO

    Welcome to the world of Gusto! A world full of optimism, good mood and fun. Enjoy the playfullness of a corn puff like you haven't experienced it before.

Quality Certification

GUSTO corn puffs are produced following the highest European food standards, IFS high-level certified. Thanks to its commitment to create the best corn puffs in the world, Gusto became a trusted brand and no. 1 consumer choice.Discover More

The Unique Recipe of GUSTO Corn Puffs

The unique recipe of GUSTO corn puffs ensures a continuous high quality standard for the products, meeting great expectations from our consumers and holding our competitors behind. The maize flour is carefully chosen from the best national and international suppliers, and together with a little bit of oil, salt and tasty flavors, we indulge highlighting our consumers with a natural, healthy and light snack. Discover more